PROGRAMMING… Never been this much easier..

PROGRAMMING..is an ART.. Once you get it, then there’s no stopping from it.. You can explore your world through it. Truly said by MUKUL BHATT.

Writing codes, learning and practicing new things..and..then working on it and many more New Programs..

Generally, It works on 5 basic principles..LEARN.. UNDERSTAND.. PRACTICE.. APPLY.. EXPLORE.. i.e 

  • Learning new terminologies..new concepts of Programming languages.
  • Understanding the concepts related to Programming languages and algorithms of Programs..
  • Practicing the terminologies or concepts through coding or Programming..
  • Applying the practiced knowledge again and again..by Coding programs
  • Exploring..by Coding for new programs.. working on new applications related to Programming.

This website is a Perfect Platform for beginners to learn Programming.. Theoretically..by concepts n terminologies and Practically..by practicing and exploring Programs i.e. from basic to advanced and application based..

Thus, MOULDING FUTURE is a perfect blend for Programmers to learn, explore and recreate the meaning of Programming..as for some it’s just another thing, but for us people.. it’s our Passion and Living Profession..

Also, I believe as my website says,

Moulding Programming in the easiest way..

Generally, talking about myself,

I am MUKUL BHATT, the CEO and Founder of www.mouldingfuture.com ,a Programmer, a tutor, a debator and will always be a LEARNER..

MUKUL BHATT - CEO_and_FOUNDER of www.mouldingfuture.com
MUKUL BHATT – CEO and FOUNDER of www.mouldingfuture.com

Being just 19 years of age, I have achieved a lot in life..in terms of experience, knowledge, Name or either fame.. But, as I always say.. There’s a scope of improvement everywhere and a lot of things are yet to be achieved here.

Furthermore, Talking about achievements​..it’s always about not picking but grabbing the Opportunity.. And I am PROUD that I have been grabbing the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY and will always be doing so..

Also, if you want to know more about MOULDING FUTURE or the CEO and Founder Mukul Bhatt.. Then, click on the following link..


Finally, for programmers..I will definitely say..

Whenever in doubt, whenever there’s no way… CODE….CODE…N..CODE AGAIN..